Today, we're back for part 2 of the Archetypes series, and we're talking about The Saboteur!

Caroline Myss refers to it as the "Archetype of Choice." We have another word for it... which we discuss, and we'll be offering ways to see/relate/experience this archetype.

Piperlyne shares her word of the day "morally neutral" and you'll see how it all comes together...as is Divine!

Thank you for listening, commenting and sharing! We LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

Piperlyne & Sonya Lee



Being an Empath or HSP can be a great Adventure or a grand Drama. It's a matter of perception, and boundaries, you must have the boundaries...We talk about what we have experienced personally, some tips that work for us and how things have changed in this ever evolving world in which we find ourselves, with ALL the 'feels'!

Find more of us here: https://linktr.ee/inmyexperience

Piperlyne and Sonya

We're feeling it, are you? Today we are talking about the never ending retrogrades, the heat and our general state of mind.



Piperlyne and Sonya Lee

We're back and we're looking at those moments in our life when we were DONE with...whatever that is..you know what we mean...There is a sacredness hidden within that doneness..that brings new opportunities for growth and change or Not!...we explore it.

Sonya Lee and Piperlyne


 *we're changing things up...look for our new web address/email; coming soon!!!

Did you ever think you'd be so into Astrology? Well we did...and still, we're gobsmacked by what is going on "out there" We're talking eclipse, Saturn, Jupiter Neptune...oh Mercury! And it's its not ever solstice yet...Join us... sorry there is a weird crackle in the background..I did my best with it...Thanks Mercury Retrograde!

Piperlyne & Sonya Lee


Week 3 and we're still talking about identity...this time we're looking at the galactic "who are we really?" questions and though it all we're following the repeating patterns in numbers that we see as signs...and they punctuate our conversation...not surprising...hilarity ensues.. Join in and see why.

Piperlyne & Sonya Lee


We felt like we were not complete with last weeks episode...so we picked it back up again...this time, we’re going into the collective aspects of "identity". We also look at what being an empath has to do with ALL of it...stay tuned. P&SL http://linktr.ee/inmyexperience

Discussing the big question of "Who am I?" It hits every one at some point in life...the trick is to not lose yourself, as you grow through it...and PLEASE don't label it...labels are so limiting...

Join us as we talk about our own label makers...baby!


Piperlyne and Sonya Lee

Life can be challenging, especially these days. The truth is Life is an illusion, especially these days...Lets talk about it. Piperlyne and Sonya Lee


Its May! Spring is in the air, everything is in bloom...An we're asking the question "Why are we Really here?"

Hilarity ensues!

Piperlyne & Sonya

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