Today's episode We talk about ourselves! What's been going on this week and how we handle the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey things that are currently called Life!


Today we share what we think and feel about the current events happening in and around us, in the US. How can we find a pathway to peace and unity...

##Disclaimer alert##  We do not present or pretend to be experts on anything...except the exploration of our own experience. Thank you.

Piperlyne & Sonya Lee

Some links that we referenced in the podcast are below:

Global consciousness experiment: https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/2011/09/06/911-and-global-consciousness/


Kaypacha ( Tom Lesher youTube video) https://youtu.be/az1_Q8yNMOM

Pluto returns globally: https://star4cast.com/pluto-return-key-shifts-in-a-countrys-destiny/

Well its 2021 and the only thing we can say so far is "Get ready for change!" again...

 We'll also be talking about Resolutions and their history and relevance in today's society...

Happy New Year!

Sonya Lee and Piperlyne

For the last podcast of 2020, Piperlyne and Sonya talk about the elephant in the room all year..Our shadow. Yep, it's time to bring out the unloved and unwanted in our Self and give it the attention it demands...It will NOT be ignored, Dan! Just kidding, and really not kidding...Do your work and the "change that is coming" will be easier... Trust us, we're not professionals...;)

Happy Holidays and Thank you for listening!


Happy Everything and the Bethlehem star too...Oh and of course we have to speak about the Solstice!Sonya Lee and Piperlyne want to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday season, and May 2021 bring you Joy...and peace.

Adrienne Elise  youtube video https://youtu.be/VQladXJpzGs


Sonya Lee and Piperlyne are back this week and talking about how self-care can be many things, and not at all what we might think. What do you think self-care is or isn't? We'd love to hear your thoughts and we encourage you to share them at inmyexperience1111@gmail.com ...In the meantime...Enjoy the show!

Continuing our discussion from the previous week...We had more to say...Piperlyne & Sonya Lee

Here is the video on Saturn we referenced...https://youtu.be/U1zY0V-9mBQ

This week Piperlyne and Sonya Lee talk about the fallacy of gurus and heros, in the face of collective change...Maybe it's time to be your own mental mentor? Thanks for listening...

Here is the video on Saturn we referenced...https://youtu.be/U1zY0V-9mBQ


This week Sonya Lee and Piperlyne dive deep into the rough waters  of assumptions, titles, government BS, and all the things that can churn up, within and without...All of which leads to the question, "Why are we Really here?"


On today's episode Piperlyne and Sonya are talking about the difference between being authentic and being an A-hole...Warning, there is some language on this one...


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